DailyState journal to gain personal insights

Set & Track Goals

Form new habits, define goals, or simply track stats about yourself

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Write in private

Write about your goals, your progress and your daily state.

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Stay on track

Status updates and insights keep you on track for change.


All the features you need to grow and change

Turn writing into goals & goals into change

Track statistics, improve yourself, build habits and achieve goals by simply writing about it. The build-in coach keeps track of how you're doing and notifies you about your progress.

DailyState turn writing into goals and goals into chains
DailyState journal track personal statistics

Track patterns

For example sleep, headaches, feelings, health

DailyState journal change behaviour

Improve behaviour

For example exercise more, meditate more, smoke less

DailyState journal build new habits

Build habits

For example work out weekly, meditate daily, eat vegetarian

DailyState journal achieve goals

Achieve goals

For example run a marathon, write a book, launch a startup

100% private & encrypted

Nobody but you needs to know your thoughts. That's why DailyState encrypts your journal both on our servers as well as in your browser.

  • Industry strongest encryption
  • Nobody, not even our servers, can read your journal
  • Encrypted both in your browser and on our servers
  • Only you have the secret key to decrypt your journal
DailyState 100 percent private and secure journal app
DailyState journaling systems and templates

Journaling systems?
We got you covered!

Do you only have time for micro-journaling? Or are you a strong believer in another journaling system? We got your covered!

  • Journaling systems for extensive journaling
  • Micro-journaling systems when you don't have much time in your life
  • Your system not listed? Just ask and we'll add it as a template

Journal anywhere

DailyState works online, offline, on your desktop, laptop, tablet and phone.

  • Your journal is synced between devices
  • Your journal is decrypted on the device you open your journal
DailyState journaling systems and templates

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Simple Pricing

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when writing for 30 days in your journal

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